Alaska Blue is an indie-pop project based in Italy, consisting of Elisabetta Giordano (lead vocals, piano), Davide Casi (guitar), Marcello Norrito (drums) and Gabriele Valsecchi (bass).

The founding members of Alaska Blue met in 2018; singer-songwriter Elisabetta and self-taught guitarist Davide met by chance in a piano class in 2018; united by their mutual love of music and wanderlust they shortly after began performing as street artists in several cities all over Italy, offering a repertoire of Italian and international covers with an acoustic twist. 

In 2019 began the production of their song that were written during their trips and they started to perform as an acoustic duo calling themself Alaska Blue and the following year they released their first single "Outsider".

2022 is been a crucial year for the duo who  unleashed their first album 'Under the Weather': a collection of 8 sweet and elusive songs characterized by mellow atmospheres, an acoustic taste, soulful vocals and enveloping melodies. 
Worth mentioning is the 4th track of the album "Blue shelter",  that has a strong electronic arrangement and a more refined and experimental sound that was largely given by the musician and close friend Francesco Roncalli who produced the song.
The hometown gospel choir which Elisabetta has been singing in for many years was a major factor in the development of their distinctly dense and emotional way of singing, which contributes to the soulful taste of Alaska Blue songs.
The duo's introspective lyrics delve into individual fears and struggles within societal frameworks, examining the human condition with a keen eye.

In the same year the drummer Marcello Norrito and the bass player and opera singer Gabriele Valsecchi joined Alaska Blue starting a collaboration that transformed the duo into a full-fledged band, infusing their music with a more groovy touch and a richer sound.

Concurrently with summer 2023 Alaska Blue European tour which will see the band play in a lot of venues from picturesque villages in Tuscany to the major European capitals, the band is releasing "Salinity" a 4 songs Ep with bittersweet- summery vibe that gives a nod to the world of indie-folk music and bossa nova.


They cited Celeste, Nick Drake, Fabrizio de Andrè, Pino Daniele, Pink Floyd, Joao Gilberto, Norah Jones, Kings of Convenience among their biggest influences.

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